• Fiberglass Laminates
  • Composites
  • All Types of Plastic

  • Using state-of-the art machinery, NC Routing creates custom fiberglass and plastic components to your specifications.


    Specializing in sheet stock plastics, composites, and laminates. All work is done with high-speeed drilling and routing machines to produce high quality parts while maintaining tight tolerances from prototype to full production runs.


  • integrated CAD/CAM system, design engineering, material selection, and prototype development.


    Primary Materials:

    All laminates including: FR4; FR5; G-5; G-7; G-9; G-10; G-11.

    Plastics: Acrylic; HDPE; Polycarbonate; PVC; Teflon; Lexan; Mylar; ABS; Nylon; Delrin; Sintra.

    Composites: Kevlar; Aramid; Graphite.

      From your detailed drawings, our computerized system turns your ideas into objects. Circuit Boards, Gaskets, Plaques, Machinery components and Jigs are just a few of the products we manufacture.High-volume equipment ensures timely production.